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Mason Creek Middle School Band

After reading this fill out the BAND COMMITTMENT FORM! (required)


Dear Parents and Students,

        Please read this information carefully and complete the Band Committment Form by August 18th.  The band fees are also due by August 18th.

Some important changes:

·        The band fee is $50. This covers your student’s method book, cleaning kit, music for concerts, and most transportation costs.

·        Any 7th or 8th Grade student who needs a new shirt should send an addition $12 with their acknowledgment form. Due August 18th.

·        I am asking all parents to sign up for Remind alerts. Students can sign up as well. Send the following code to 81010:

o   6th Grade- @mc6thband

o   7th Grade- @mc7thband

o   8th Grade- @mc8thband


I look forward to working with you and your students this year.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or 770.651.2564.

Band Fee

There will be a $50.00 band fee for all students.  This fee will be used to pay for your student’s band shirt, band folder, music, transportation to and from events, and repairs to large school owned instruments (percussion, low brass, etc).   The band fee will be due by Friday, August 18th.  I cannot order your child’s shirt unless I receive the money for it.  If you feel you will be unable to pay the band fee please contact me. 

 If you are unable to pay the full amount all at once, you can pay $25 by August 19th, then $25 by September 9th. Your student will not receive his/her band uniform until the full amount is paid.

Band Rehearsals

Band rehearsals occur once each day during your student’s connection periods. Students are required to have their instrument, music, class folder, and a pencil at each rehearsal. Students are expected to be in their seat on time and ready to play, demonstrate proper instrument use and care, be respectful of others, be attentive, follow directions, and always give their best effort. Any student that becomes a consistent behavior problem will be removed from the band program.

Band Rules

1.    Follow all instructions the first time.

2.    Raise your hand before speaking or leaving your seat.

3.    Bring all materials to class

a.    Instrument in working condition

b.    Music and assignments

c.    Pencil

4.    Keep bodies, instruments, and belongings away from other students’ bodies, instruments, and belongings.

5.    Absolutely no food, drinks, or gum in the band room.


**School rules require the Agenda to be with the student at all times. This is expected in band.

 Materials Required for Class

Instrument in good working order                                       

Pencil (NO PENS!)


Accessories required for instrument (reeds, ligature, oil, cork grease, etc.)


Method Books


Grading Procedures

Grades will be determined according to the following percentages:   

    50%        Class Participation (Based on 15 points per week)

    25%        Concerts/ Performances

    15%        Tests

    10%        Quizzes - vocal and written
    100%       Total 

 Class Participation

Each student begins the class with three participation points (15 per week). Failure to positively participate in class will result in a lower daily participation grade. Participation will serve as half of each student’s grade.  Every moment that a student is in the classroom counts toward his/her positive participation grade.  Students are expected to model good behavior at all times as practice for performances.  Please understand that negative class participation will create negative results in performances and therefore also in the participation percentage.  Although participation is part of the academic grade and conduct serves as a separate grade, because of the nature of this course, participation is inclusive of conduct.  It is impossible for any student to give positive participation (i.e. playing his /her instrument!) if he/she is talking, laughing, cutting up, passing notes or distracting others.  Our goal as a group is to be superior and this is hard work! ***Any student chewing gum while playing an instrument will receive a zero for the day.


Attendance at all concerts is required.  Any student who fails to attend concerts will be required to complete an alternate writing assignment; failure to complete this assignment will result in a zero test grade.  Every player contributes to the great sound that we strive for and missing even one player makes producing a superior sound harder for everyone else.

Daily Procedures

All students should be in the classroom at the bell.  Bathroom breaks should be taken before coming to class.

Class will begin two minutes after the bell.  During that two-minute countdown students will unpack their instruments and quietly carry their materials to their seat without playing. Spit out any food or gum at this time and throw away any drinks.

Read the board for instructions. If there is a warm up listed, then practice only that. If there is a written warm up, then do the assignment as instructed.   

Once in your seat, do not leave it without first raising your hand and asking.

At the end of the two-minute countdown the student should:

o   Have instrument assembled and reed soaking (if applicable)

o   Be in their seat and listening

o   Have music, folder, and pencil (NO PENS!) at their seat.


It is the students’ responsibility to obtain missed written assignments and playing homework from the teacher.  Please email me at and I will send you the missed assignment or you can come by my office before or after school.


Students will be released in sections to quietly pack up their instruments and come back to their seats.  Once everyone is seated again, we will do our closing activity (if applicable) and dismiss at the bell.


Students will be responsible for weekly practice recordings. This is a major portion of their grade. The recommended MINIMUM practice time is half an hour per day for five days a week.

 Concert Attire

For all concerts, students should wear their band shirts (purchased with band fee, see below) and black pants with black shoes and black socks.  Students without proper attire will not be allowed to participate and will be required to complete the alternate writing assignment.

 Grounds for Removal from Band

Removal from the band program is a last resort and will only happen after repeated efforts to overcome some insurmountable obstacle to learning and after multiple attempts at parent contact.   Grounds for dismissal include:

·         Failure to buy an instrument or failure to bring school-owned instrument.

·         Failure to care for school-owned instrument.

·         Repeated serious behavior issues.

·         Failure to attend concerts.

MCMS Band Calendar 2017-18

****Indicates that the event is required for all students.

8/17—6th Grade Parent Meeting 6:30 in the cafeteria.

****8/18—Band Commitment Form and $50 Band Fee Due****

8/25—Pep Band Commitment forms due (7th and 8th Grade only)

9/6—Participation fee for Marching Expo due. (Selected students only)

9/25—National Anthem Rehearsal for Marching Expo. DCHS 7pm. (Selected students only)

9/26—Marching Expo Lithia Springs HS, 6:30pm (Selected students only)

****10/24—Fruit order forms and money due.

10/25—Honor Band Commitment form due. (7th and 8th Grade only)

11/9—Douglas County Honor Band Auditions, Alexander HS, 5pm

12/1—Participation forms for Douglas County Honor Band due.

12/2—All-State/District Auditions, Excel Christian Academy

****12/13—Douglas County High School Auditorium****

6th Grade Winter Concert, 6pm, students arrive by 5:30.****

7th Grade Winter Concert, 7pm, students arrive by 6:15.****

2/1-2/3—Douglas County Honor Band, Douglas County HS

2/15-2/16—District 7 Honor Band

3/13-14—LGPE (Required for selected 7th and 8th Graders)

4/21—District 7 Solo and Ensemble

****5/1—Spring Concert, Date subject to change.****