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MCMS Cheerleading 2018-2019

Mason Creek Middle School 2018-2019 Cheerleading

Tryout Information

Dear Parent,

Your child is interested in becoming a cheerleader for Mason Creek Middle School for the 2018-2019 school year. Being a cheerleader can be a wonderful experience with many rewards. At the same time, it involves a commitment to the team and to the school. Each cheerleader is expected to be responsible and follow the guidelines set for the team.

Our cheerleaders are not only leaders on the field, but also during the school day. Therefore, they must exemplify positive attitudes and behaviors. Many students look up to our cheerleaders. The actions of one cheerleader reflect the entire team. We need to always strive to be positive role models.

Cheerleading can be very time demanding for both the cheerleader and the parent. We expect each cheerleader to be at all games and practices. Cheerleading should come before other outside activities, including, but not limited to competition cheer squads. dance teams. Etc. Parents need to drop off or pick up their cheerleaders on time. We are responsible for your child until you pick them up.

There is financial responsibility involved with being a member of our team. This price includes cheer camp and cheerleading supplies. We understand that there may be some need for financial assistance. Please do not let that discourage your child from trying out. Upon making the squad, payment plans may be discussed with the coaches. Below is the estimated cheerleading cost for 2018-2019:

New cheerleader: approximately $650.00

Returning cheerleader: approximately $450.00

Packets, physicals, & teacher recommendations due: May 11th, 2018

Tryout Workshops: May 16th, 17th, & 18th from 4:00 until 5:30pm

Tryouts: May 21st

Results: Posted May 21st by 9 pm


Tryout Instructions:

1.       MCMS students report to the gym after 2nd bus call on the workshop and tryout days.

2.       Rising 6th graders are to report to the gym lobby dressed and ready to go by 3:45 on the workshop and tryout days. Workshop days and tryouts are CLOSED. No visitors will be allowed.

3.       Wear solid color shorts, white shirt, athletic shoes, and socks for all workshops and tryouts.

4.       Clothing should be fitted, but not too large or too small.

5.       Shorts should not be rolled at the waist.

6.       Hair must be pulled up and off the face and shoulders.

7.       Nails must not be painted and must not leave an indention when a fist is made.

8.       No jewelry (earrings, watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, etc.) is to be worn.

9.       No layered clothing, baggy clothing, sweatpants, or sweatshirts.

10.   No clothing or accessories that advertises past cheerleading or school experiences. No Converse, Vans, Keds, etc.

12.  No gum.

13.  Be present and on time for the workshops. This will help you be prepared for tryouts.


You will learn and/or work on the following at the workshops:

Group Dance

Group Cheer

Group Chant                   Required Jumps

Tumbling (will not be taught, you may practice skills you already know)


You will not be allowed to participate in the workshop or try out unless you are academically eligible and have an updated physical on a Douglas County School System form on file at the school. Updated physicals and this paperwork need to be turned in to the office at MCMS by Monday, May 11th. If you already have a physical on file in the office, then double check that it is current. If it is not current, you will not be allowed to tryout. Physical forms are available in the front office and on the school website. Any student who does not turn in the paperwork by the deadline, Monday, May 11thwill miss the opportunity to try out for the 2018-2019 MCMS cheerleading squad.

We are looking forward to meeting your child. Please call us if you have any questions. The school's number is (770) 651-2500. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.


2018-2019 MCMS Cheerleaders

Important dates and information once you make cheerleading at MCMS

Parent meeting: TBA- All cheerleaders should have a parent at this meeting. Deposits will be due at this time for the items needed and camp. We will accept cash or money orders the day of the parent meeting for $150.00. Each cheerleader will have their own ledger sheet and total amount due based on the items needed. The remainder of payments and the payment schedule will be discussed at the parent meeting.

Deposit DUE 5/21/18: $150.00 CASH or MONEY ORDER, NON-REFUNDABLE. The remainder of fees is due prior to receiving full clothes order.

Cheerleader Fitting:TBA

Practices: Regular practices will not begin until the fall when school starts. We usually begin practices the first week of school. You will need to plan on having practice 3 days per week during football season and 1-2 times during basketball season. Football season usually runs from the start of school until the beginning of November. Basketball season usually runs from the beginning of November until mid-February.

Camp: Camp attendance and cost is a required component for all MCMS cheerleaders. Camp dates: TBA- usually the last week of July.

Parental Consent Form

I understand cheerleading tryouts and workshops will be closed to all observers. Workshops will be Monday May 16th- Tuesday 17th from 4pm-5:30pm. 1 will pick up my child promptly at 5:30pm. Tryouts will be held on Monday,May 21st at 4pm. I will know at a later date what time to pick up my child from tryouts. I realize it is important for my child to attend the workshops in order to assure the best chance to make the 2018-2019 cheerleading squads.

I am aware that cheerleading involves financial responsibility. I have seen the estimated cost and will attend the parent meeting if my child makes the cheerleading team.

If any paperwork is not turned in by the deadline, Monday, May 7th, my student will miss the opportunity to try out for the 2018-2019 cheerleading squad.

I am aware that the final list of those who made the cheerleading squad will be posted on the school website by 9pm on Monday, May 21st.

I have read all material about tryouts and I will clear up any questions before Monday, May 11th.

I realize that the Douglas County School System physical form must be completed by a qualified physician in order for my child to participate in any part of the workshop or tryouts. Physicals and this paperwork should be turned in to the MCMS office by Monday. May 11thin order to have our lists current by Monday, May 16th.

If my child makes the cheerleading squad. I realize that the violation of any rules set by the school or coaches may lead to temporary or permanent suspension from the squad.

I understand by the very nature of the activity, cheerleading and gymnastics carry a risk of physical injury. No matter how careful the participant and coaches are, how many spotters are used, or what landing surface is used, the risk cannot be eliminated. The risk of injury includes minor injuries such as muscle pulls, dislocation, and broken bones. The risk also includes catastrophic injuries such as permanent paralysis or even death from landing or falls on the back, neck, or head. I understand these risks and will not hold Mason Creek Middle School or any of its personnel responsible in the case of accident or injury at any time.

I agree to support my child, the coach, and the team.

Parent Signature


Tryout Information Sheet

Student's Name

             Student's School                                                                 Current Grade (5, 6, 7)


Homeroom Teacher


Phone #'s


Parent's Name(s)

My childhas my permission to try out for a position on the cheerleading squad at MCMS for the 2018-2019 school year. We have read and understand all information, rules, and requirements for tryouts. I hereby give consent for my child to receive medical attention and be transported to an appropriate medical facility in the event that we cannot be present or reached for any reason.

We understand that the decision of the coaches/judges will be final.


            You must be academically eligible.

            You must have your physical and this paperwork turned in to the office by Monday. May 11th.

Parent SignatureDate

Student SignatureDate