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Congratulations! 2018 Cabaret

Ananya Achari

Jacob Adams

Adebola Adewale

Ruby Baker

Dami Bankole

Ileana Bossie & Alyssa Royal

Emilly Costa & Alexis Page

Caroline DePriest

Elizabeth Dotson

Solomon Dotson

Amanda Fogo

Endiyah Gray

Lily Hart & Ellie Foust

Kendyl Jones

Zoey Jones & Myla Mason

Tatyana Larbi

Melea Mastin

Taylor Mills

Jonathan Murray

Ella Pierce

Mara Saunders

Selah Schafer

Victory Taplin

Scotty T aylor

Joselyn Ventura


Please read the syllabus BELOW, ADD CALENDAR DATES to your calendar

then click Links (above) and fill out the Google Form AND then click Forms (above) and Sign up for Remind for the Grade level of your singer. Participation in Remind is expected and is used for very important updates and reminders.

 Submit the Google Form and then send your participation fee no later than Monday, August 28th. 


MCMS Chorus Calendar & Syllabus

Mason Creek Middle School, 2017-2018

Mrs. Dawn-Marie Schafer, Director


                      MCMS CHORUS CALENDAR 2017-2018


This top section applies to EVERY singer!


8/17-18                   * Auditions to sing the National Anthem for Games                  3:30 – 3:55 either day


8/28                        LAST DAY to turn in Chorus Participation Fee of $30


9/23                        CONCERT: “September Saturdays” D.C. Courthouse        12:00 Noon/Arrive 11:30am


10/2 – 10/20         KICK-OFF: Florida Indian River Groves Fruit Fundraiser           Orders Due by 10/20


10/12                      FALL CONCERT: Location TBD                                        7:00pm/ Arrive 6:15/$1.00 tickets


12/14                       WINTER CONCERT: Pray’s Mill Baptist Church     7:00pm/ Arrive 6:15/$1.00 tickets


2/26                        *Auditions for “CABARET” Performance                                                      During Classes


3/15                         “CABARET”, MCMS Gym ($5 Adults/$3 Students)                                          7:00pm


3/28                        2018 GMEA LGPE Performance – School day trip                            


4/26                        SPRING CONCERT: Pray’s Mill Baptist Church      7:00pm/ Arrive 6:15/$1.00 tickets




*Auditions are OPTIONAL. Honor Choruses are by audition only.




This section applies to students participating in each listed event.


2018 All State Chorus (7th & 8th Only)


8/28                        Rehearsals Begin & Continue EVERY Mon, Tues, Wed                                                3:30 – 3:55


9/8                          $20 Registration (non-Refundable) & Form Due


11/11                         Auditions @ Woodland HS Cartersville                                                                            TBA


1/18                         Final Auditions (If student Passes First one) @ Rome Middle School                   TBA


2/23 – 2/25            2018 GA All State Chorus Event @ The Classic Center, Athens                     Itinerary Coming


Douglas County Honor Chorus


9/1                           $30 Registration & Form Due (Add $6 to purchase a lunch)


11/16                        Rehearsal (Required) @ Lithia Springs First Baptist                                         6:30pm – 8:00pm


1/19-1/20                DC Honor Chorus Event @ Lithia Springs First Baptist                                   Itinerary Coming


(Continued on other side)




District 7 Honor Chorus Dates (7th & 8th Only)


9/8                          $30 Registration & Form Due


11/6                         District 7 Honor Chorus Event @ Woodland HS, Cartersville              Itinerary Coming




Spivey Hall Treble Honor Chorus


9/30                       Required Rehearsal @ Spivey Hall, Clayton State University                 10am – 5pm


10/5 – 10/7             Spivey Honor Chorus Event                                                                              Itinerary Coming





The MCMS Choruses represent Mason Creek Middle School with excellence inside our school and out. Over 200 students, including yours, have CHOSEN to be a part of this outstanding program. Be prepared for an exciting year of great music making!

Chorus is designed to promote musical growth in every student by developing vocal skills and learning to read music.  Although performance based, there is a strong emphasis on sight-reading, ear training and basic music theory.  It is designed as a comprehensive approach to musicianship giving students an opportunity to listen, perform, evaluate and study different styles of music.   

The 6th grade chorus is a beginner course where students will learn the basics of music theory, essentials to part-singing, sight-reading, harmonization and the keys to making an outstanding ensemble.  Students will learn clefs along with music notation, basic musical terminology, symbols and note values. This course also introduces the method of sight-singing in both unison and some 2-part examples.  Though every student is different and each on a various learning level, students are expected to become proficient in the building blocks of music theory.

The 7th and 8th grade choruses are a continuation of the above but on a more advanced and mature level.  Students will continue building on their knowledge of music theory adding more symbols and terminology.  During these 2 years, students are typically developing broader vocal ranges, which allows for a more advanced repertoire of music and the ability to split into 2, 3 or 4 voice parts.  These courses build on the information learned in the course preceding it but it is very possible for a student that has not had Chorus previously to catch up to the level of the present course.


A.  Positive Attitude
    1.  Show personal commitment to music
    2.  Demonstrate the ability to work in a group for a common goal
    3.  Demonstrate respect and courtesy toward classmates and teacher
    4.  Take pride in musical accomplishments

B.  Vocal technique
     1.  Utilize correct breathing and support techniques
     2.  Sing with excellent tone quality
     3.  Demonstrate correct diction
     4.  Demonstrate phrasing and dynamic range
     5.  Proficiency in singing a major, minor and chromatic scale

     6.  Ability to sing vocal parts independently 

C.  Music Reading Skills
     1. Demonstrate working knowledge of rhythm and time signatures  
     2. Identify the lines and spaces of the treble and bass staves
     3. Identify musical terms and symbols
     4. Understand and demonstrate rhythm patterns 

D.  Performance

      1. Demonstrate correct posture while singing (sitting and standing)

      2. Demonstrate superior stage presence, poise, and performance

      3. Demonstrate understanding of what is being sung and perform with expression.

 Classroom Rules

1. Be in your spot with your folder and a pencil when the bell rings.  

2. Sing with the purpose of being a member of a superior chorus.                                                                   

3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your spot or to speak.

4. Put trash in the trash can and straighten your chair before you leave.

5. Treat your classmates as you wish to be treated.

6. Gum chewing is NEVER allowed. 

7. Everyone respects everyone.


**School rules require the Agenda to be with the student at all times. This is expected in chorus.

 Following every one of these rules every day will ensure that you keep all 3 of your positive participation points each week. 

Class Participation

Participation will serve as half of each student’s grade.  Every moment that a student is in the classroom counts toward his/her positive participation grade.  Students are expected to model good behavior at all times as practice for performances.  Please understand that negative class participation will create negative results in performances and therefore also in the participation percentage.  Although participation is part of the academic grade and conduct serves as a separate grade, because of the nature of this course, participation is inclusive of conduct.  It is impossible for any student to give positive participation (i.e. sing!) if he/she is talking, laughing, cutting up, passing notes or distracting others.  Our goal as a group is to be superior and this is hard work! 

Sheet Music  

Each student enrolled in Chorus will be provided with a copy of each piece of music being currently studied and a music folder in which all music must be kept.  Folders are to be stored in the music folder cabinets provided in the classroom where each student will have his/her own folder slot.  Each folder and piece of music that is issued to a student becomes the financial responsibility of that student.  If any music or folder is lost or damaged, the student is responsible for replacing it.  No student is authorized to remove or open another student’s folder at any time.  If a student is caught tampering with another student’s folder or music, disciplinary action will be taken immediately. The cost to replace a folder is $10.00 plus any additional music fees as applicable. Replacement fees will be enforced during the last two weeks of school.

Performance Participation

Performing for others is one of the highlights of being in chorus.  Concerts are scheduled by the beginning of each school year and a calendar is presented to each family along with this handbook so as to help in anticipating and settling any conflicts that might arise. STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO BE AT EACH AND EVERY PERFORMANCE.  If a student finds a conflict with a scheduled performance or rehearsal, the director should be contacted immediately to arrange an agreeable solution.  If a student misses due to an illness, he/she must present a doctor’s note stating the reason for the absence on the next day he/she attends school.  

IMPORTANT:  I am more than willing and almost always able to resolve any scheduling conflict prior to a concert if given plenty of notice; however, “sudden” absences as a result of ballgames, ball practices, dance rehearsals, dance performances, birthday parties, vacations or not having a ride are preventable absences and will not be excused.  The worst part of this type of absence is the terrible position it puts the rest of the choir in to pull off a superior performance without every member singing.

***ANY absence from a concert will result in the student completing an alternate assignment.


Grading Scale

Grades will be determined according to the following percentages:   

    50%        Class Participation (Based on 15 points per week)

    25%        Concerts/LGPE/Courthouse Performances

    15%        Sight Reading

    10%        Quizzes - vocal and written
    100%       Total 

The positive participation percentage is achieved through a weekly grade earned by each student that is based on a 15-point scale.  This grade is the result of 3 points awarded for each day of the week in which a student has met the positive participation requirements and classroom rules.  Students who are disrupting class as a result of talking, laughing, etc. simply cannot be participating and will result in points being deducted from the day’s grade.  If a student continues to disrupt the class, he/she is choosing not to participate in the choral activities and will be asked to move to a desk to complete a written assignment.  

Any student who is chewing gum in class will receive 0 points for the day.

Participation Fee

There is a $30 participation fee for Chorus.  This fee covers the cost of a student’s FIRST Chorus Uniform Shirt (6th grade) and field trip fees as well as other various costs such as accompanists and sound technicians for concerts and transportation throughout the year. All three grade levels will attend the Field Trip to perform at the Douglas County Courthouse in December and attend the Field Trip to Large Group Performance Evaluation in March. Fees are due no later than Friday, Aug. 29th.

Please note:  Participation fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable.

Concert Attire

All students must order an MCMS Chorus Uniform Shirt. The 6th grade shirts are blue polo shirts (collared with two buttons) with an embroidered pocket design. If there is a problem with the chorus fee, please contact me at the school as soon as possible because students must have their uniform short in time for the first performance.  Along with the chorus uniform shirt, every student must wear their own SOLID BLACK DRESS PANTS and SOLID BLACK DRESS SHOES. Girls may not wear skirts, shorts, skorts or Capri pants. Students may wear BLACK sneakers only if they are ALL BLACK and have NO COLOR or WHITE on them.  IMPORTANT: If a returning student has lost or damaged his/her uniform shirt and must order a new one, there will be a $20.00 charge IN ADDITION to the student’s participation fee.  

Honor Choruses

There are many opportunities for students to participate in advanced events during the year. Spivey Hall Treble Honor Choir, National Anthem auditions for home Football and Basketball games, Douglas County Honor Chorus, GMEA All State Chorus auditions, Solo & Ensemble Evaluations, Cabaret, etc. These are offered by audition at different times of the year. They have high expectations and vary in financial commitment above and beyond our choral program. They are optional but encouraged for those who excel.

Grounds for Dismissal from Chorus

Removal from the Chorus program is a rare occurrence because students who are in chorus have CHOSEN to be there. It is a last resort and will only happen after repeated efforts to overcome existing issues.  Grounds for dismissal include: 1) Failure to attend concerts and 2) Repeated behavior issues.  ***If a student loses 20 or more points from his/her Law of the Pack in one nine week period in Chorus, resulting in loss of graded Chorus participation points, that student will be placed on probation for the following nine week period.  If that student loses 10 or more points during the probationary nine weeks, he/she will be removed from the Chorus program.  Participation in Chorus is a decision and one that is widely seen and esteemed. We ALL must work to maintain our recognition as a superior program.


We are going to have another OUTSTANDING year in Chorus!!