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Mason Creek Middle School's 21st CCLC IMPACT program is a grant funded, 21st CCLC after school program provided through the Georgia Department of Education. 21st CCLC IMPACT is a balanced program with enrichment and academic support. Students must meet specific criteria in order to qualify for the program.

The 21st CCLC IMPACT program goals and objectives are:

1.Increase standardized test scores in Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies
2.Increase report card grades for Reading and Math subjects
3.Decrease behavior incidents if any
4.Improve homework completion and submission if needed
5.Decrease student absences
6.Increase parental attendance at school events and activities
7.Increase staff development skills
8.Increase partnerships

For qualification requirements and space availability please contact:

Mrs. Shawana London, Site Coordinator, via email at or 770-651-2519.

For more information about the districts application please contact Mitzi Teal at 770.651.2039.

Persons believing these grant programs involve fraud and/or waste should contact the Douglas County School System Finance Department Grants Administration Office at 770.651.2227.