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AR Guidelines


"Readers are Leaders"  --  AR Information --  Mason Creek Middle School


Students are required by Georgia Performance Standards to read 1 million words or approximately 25 books of 150 pages each.  Mason Creek Middle School's Reading Department uses Accelerated Reader Software to monitor reading practice.

Students should plan to practice reading 30 minutes each day as part of their homework.  Reading practice is recorded on their reading logs.  Students provide evidence of their reading practice by writing 3-5 sentences each day in their reading journals telling what happened in their novels or they may also be asked to respond to specific questions or to specific strategies provided by their reading teacher.  The minimum reading requirement for each week is 100 minutes.

AR tests are due approximately every two weeks.  Due dates are provided by reading teachers.  Encourage your child to take the AR test on time.  AR tests may be taken in reading class or in the media center when the class visits.  Students should score 85% or more when they have read the book completely within the last two weeks and when the book is of the appropriate reading level.  Typically 4 or 5 tests are due each nine weeks and are a part of their grade for reading class.

Most of the books written for middle grades students are written between 4th and 6th grade vocabulary levels.  A few are higher; a few are lower.  Our focus is not on the vocabulary level of the books, but on helping students learn to read books from a variety of genre, a variety of authors, and helping them learn to select books according to their own interests.

Reading practice goals will be set for each nine weeks.  Goals are determined from students' STAR tests.  STAR tests given at the beginning of school and at the end of each nine weeks.  When students are working to their potential, reading goals are met or exceeded.   Approximately 150 Accelerated Reader reading practice points will equal about 1 million words.

Reading is a skill that requires practice.  We are looking forward to helping every child improve their reading skills so they will be equipped to excel in every subject area.  Parents can support their child's reading program by:

•1)      Providing time in your child's schedule for 30 minutes of reading practice with his or her AR book.

•2)      Checking the reading journal and reading log each day to see that it is complete and that journals are of good quality.

•3)      Sharing and discussing the books your child is reading.